Sitdown Standup for July 14th, 2017

Status Update: Go!
I was about to throw out that cardboard prototype I did, and it made me think about the process that we used to select the batteries for Pushrate. I wanted to let people see how interrelated the design and engineering of a product is, and this is a good lens to look through.
Even independant of the questions we had at that time, it was a huge help to have a physical object in my hand. It is just human nature. Once I had the MDF mockup I could much better imagine how the device could be placed and used.
There is that classic story about Jeff Hawkins and Palm, where he made a wooden prototype Palm Pilot and carried it around for a few weeks to find out where and how he would use it. "Pretotyping" is the name people use these days for fake-it-before-you-make-it prototyping.
Yes, it's hard to articulate, but just the act of holding a physical prototype made it real. Once I could contextualize the device, I was spinning new ideas out like crazy.
'Pretend' is a powerful tool. It saved us from going down the big battery path and wasting a bunch of time and effort.
On my end, this is week is a quick one for me. I documented the process for getting the gdbstub to communicate with the eclipse IDE. I'm not thrilled with the result, there seems to be quite a bit of flakiness that I can't get rid of, but for now it'll do. Next week I hope to have the rboot process all figured out, and I can share my findings and experience on that.
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