Sitdown Standup for June 23rd, 2017

This week I wanted to expand on some of the fundemental topics. Going over the last couple of posts, there is a decided lack of ‘startup business' talk.
That is a good thing right?

Yeah, I'm on board with that... There is a lot of bullshit in that world that leads to process over substance; but it doesn’t mean some planning isn’t useful. I don't want to go overboard. I wanted to cover the basics of the business so that people understand what we are setting out to accomplish.

I know you weren't the biggest fan of Steve Blank, and his "Startup Owner's Manual", but the business model canvas was a pretty tool for communicating the bones of our plan. I've written it up as sort of rough business plan that we can always refer to.

So no mention of 'disrupting' and the 'uber of ratings', right?
Right. Maybe I should go back and add a reference to the 'cloud'... What have you got for the readers this week?
I wanted to go into a little more detail this week on why we chose WiFi to connect our device to the internet. Sure, there are plenty of simpler, cheaper, low power wireless alternatives available but none of them offer a near direct connection to the internet.
First and foremost, we’re thinking about the design of this product from the end customer experience. We want the setup process to be as simple and seamless as possible, and that means eliminating the installation of some sort of bridge device to access the internet.
Exactly. And unfortunately, in North America we don’t yet have a great solution for connecting IoT devices to the internet. Both LoRa and Cat.NB1 look promising, but currently aren’t available.
And even after they do arrive, it will take even more time before a selection of low cost chipsets and modules arrive on the market.
So that really just leaves us with WiFi. It’s available virtually everywhere, standardized internationally, and our device doesn’t incur additional data charges.
However, as we learned with TallyFi, we are now reliant on the quality of our customers’ existing WiFi setup.
We also have to get them past the initial connection process. We’ve put a lot development into the setup experience already, and we have few more tricks planned when we roll out the new Pushrate hardware.
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